A perfect Briefcase is a professional friend


Over a period of years, humans have been carrying a variety of leather briefcases. It is inevitable to stop them from falling apart every couple of years and eventually they are to be replaced. We use a variety of weights to keep in those briefcases. The quality of the leather used varies according to the market’s demand.

In our society people belong to different strata in terms of their capacity to spend. They differ in their preferences for the same product. Some give preference to quality over cost others choose cost over quality. The manufacturers opt to make products of various quality and cost so that the needs of both the strata of customers can be fulfilled without losing the hold in the market.

Leather bags last for a longer duration if taken good care of it. However, one should take into account as to where they are investing their money, i.e., quality. Briefcases leather comes in various types from the highest quality to the lowest grade such as:

  • Full grain leather is at the top of the chain for quality. These leather aren’t sanded or buffed; hence they come across as looking rugged.
  • Top grain leather is the second best quality of leather. These are sanded and polished giving it a smooth look and prevents any stains from sinking in.
  • Suede is the underside of the skin. It is sanded to reach the appropriate thickness. It is less durable as it is thinner.
  • Corrected grain leather is artificial leather which is dyed to give it a natural appearance.
  • Bonded leather is of the lowest quality. It is made out of the waste of the leather. They are bonded by using polyurethane or latex on a fibre sheet.

A briefcase is an essential equipment for anyone who regularly transports documents from office. It’s also a style statement. so finding the right briefcase is an important aspect of being well-dressed for climbing the professional ladder.