Benefits of Sandblasting


The process of sandblasting is used to give a high quality clean to surfaces such as machinery or buildings. Sandblasting is a common cleaning method used by contractors for a variety of reasons.  The main purpose is to remove grime and unwanted particles that can over time destroy such surfaces. Sandblasting can also smooth surfaces. There are numerous benefits to sandblasting as a cleaning option as opposed to other methods like power washing. The most important accoutrement to one’s sandblasting kit is a functional pair of sandblasting gloves, which can protect the wearer from harm while the sandblaster is in use.

Rust Prevention

 One of the benefits of using the sandblasting method is to prevent rust on machinery and buildings. Using sandblasting on surfaces as opposed to water prevents moisture from developing and corroding machinery. Rust can cause the lifespan of equipment or a building to deteriorate. Using the sandblasting method prolongs the longevity of these surfaces.


Sandblasting is used for more than rust and grime. The types of unwanted particles that sandblasting remove all types of residue. From mold and rust to chemical stains and build-up, sandblasting is a great option for most removal jobs. For example, if there is dirt build up on parts and gears for farm equipment, sandblasting is a better option than power washing, as it prevents rust. Surfaces can also range from metal and steel to wood surfaces for dirt and grime removal.


Sandblasting is a convenient method of cleaning. There are no additional chemicals required, no need for water, or no need for additional equipment beyond the sandblaster and sandblaster gloves for the operator. Because there are limited equipment and chemicals, sandblasting is convenient for cleaning and a preferred method for hard surfaces. Easy and convenient, sandblasting takes only a few hours at the time, making it a preferred method of cleaning for those with multiple surfaces that need to be cleaned. There is no reason to do any pre-cleaning for sandblasting like other cleaning options. If someone needs to sandblast again, it is always an easy process and it can happen at any time because of the lack of pre-clean procedures. All that is required is the operator to begin the process and continue the blast until the unwanted residue is removed.


The efficiency of using sandblasting to clean surfaces is so pristine that sandblasting is used on curved surfaces and smaller surfaces like gears and other equipment to remove build up as opposed to pressure washing or using chemicals that could possibly cause corrosion. This is critical for farmers and mechanics who have small parts that need to be cleaned efficiently. Trying to dry out small parts that have been cleaned with other methods may not catch all of the build-ups and cause further damage. Sandblaster gloves are efficient tools for the sandblaster operator, as they allow them to perform safely and efficiently.