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Epic Travel in Mount Bromo, Indonesia


Similar to most travelers, we headed to Java to see the famed sunrise in Mt. Bromo. Nonetheless, unlike any other day, we were celebrating our first anniversary. Though we weren’t too excited about waking up early as we had only come following a 1 am a trek from KawahIjen, we understood the view and scenery would likely be well worth it.

We began with an early wake-up call. We chose to hike to the sunrise point by ourself as opposed to joining a tour. We bundled up in our warmest clothes and began our ascent in the moonlit sky with the stars and the moon as our guide. As soon as we got to the viewpoint, the sun started to emerge, coloring the sky in colors of purple and orange as it lit the valley below us.

From where we stood, we can see the sea of clouds drifting below us as we gazed at the beauty around us. Mt. Bromo in all of its glory, let us enjoy this tranquil and serene moment to ourself. In contrary to the other tourist swarmed sunrise points, there was a total of 6 people where we had been so we chose to take in the magnificent scenery of the clouds and the mountain, slowly being lit up throughout the sun.

Despite having traveled to many distinct locations and seen so many beautiful things, this moment was distinctive. We knew that we would never forget that afternoon.

Soon, everything was shining as the ocean of clouds created the perfect backdrop for this rather remarkable view. We all sat there rather eloquent as we soaked it all in. The sun was shining, the weather was cold, and we were happy to be there.

We approached a beautiful lady in her little straw hut and purchased a cup of coffee to warm us up. We sat with a tiny small bench and valued our spectacular view.

We began our descent from our increase as we took pictures of the things around us. By this time, the town of CemoroLawang was only coming to existence. The beauty of this town was overwhelming as we slowly made our way back to the homestay where we spent the night. We got to our homestay and looked back and watched this beautiful road which we spent the last 3 hours walking on.

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