Everything a Person Needs to Know About the Many Colours of Pearls


Pearls comein an assortment of shapes and size – and colours. This makes pearls one of the most adaptable gems that is currently set in jewelry today. While the most common color of course is white, but pearls also come in almost every color in the rainbow.

White pearls

The most widely and classic preferred color for pearl is white. A white pearl is a pearl symbolizing purity and mostly associated with graduation and wedding celebrations. Pearls that are naturally color white include Akoya pearls, South Sea pearls, freshwater pearls, and sometimes Tahitian pearls that are often darker. Since white is a naturally color in freshwater and Akoya pearls, these types are bleached routinely to makea whiter color, and often subject to a treatment known as “pinking”. This last treatment adds a somewhat rose tone found in nearly all Akoya pearls. These treatments are universal.

Akoya natural white

This was first done by only one company in North America in order to present a line of natural-color Akoya pearls. These are pearls never bleached, pinked, or color-enhanced by any treatments. Companies that carry the natural-white line in AAA and laboratory-certified natural color and hanadama grade which the Japanese grade is signifying the highest quality of Akoya pearl.

Black pearls

The 2nd most popular color for pearl is black which are qualified newcomers on the pearl section and are most often allied with Tahitian exotic pearls that are fashioned in French Polynesia. These pearls are produced by the Tahitian pearl oyster or the Pinctada maxima come in nearly every color, shade and overtone. These colors are natural, except in the case of treated chocolate Tahitian pearls. Other forms of black pearls include the black freshwater and black Akoya. The important difference with these types is that black is not a naturally occurring color and the dark coloration are reached using of an organic dye.

Golden color

Pearls that are golden are becoming quite popular among pearl aficionados. The color is prized for its warm tone, regal, adding an element of richness to a pearl. The most popular are grown in the gold-lip variety of the Pinctada maxima or pearl oysters in the South Sea.

For further information you can go to pearlsonly.co.uk to learn more about Chocolate pearls, as well as pink and lavender pearls.