How to Wear a Vest? And Importance of the Collar?


The vest is one of those garments that has been with us for a long time. It hasn’t been given the recognition it deserves, but that’s what we are for its claim. It can be considered the maximum expression of elegance, and if we choose models of a color different from the jacket, we will give a very preppy touch to our look. Although if we use it with a suit, it must be the three equal pieces.

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Many men wear the vest as an independent garment. They only wear the vest, without a jacket, but it is a mistake. The vest must be an inside garment. When not seen, the back is made with viscose or rayon fabrics, and both aesthetically or visually they are not pretty.

Accurate Method to Wear a Vest?

Although if we do not change your mind, bet on tweed. You will go warmer and your outfit more consistent. You should always wear it fastened, just as unbuttoned the outer garment. Leave the bottom unzipped. Your length should be resting on the waist, slightly covering the belt or the clip of the straps, as the case may be.

It should fit well on the shoulders and mount a little on the collar of the shirt. Adjust with the back loop on the back so that it fits perfectly.

The Importance of The Shirt Collar

The collar of the shirt is the vital distinction you will find between them. And it is not a trivial issue. It is amongst of the first perceptions that we will have to notice. And it will make us relate to the rest of our attire.

It is not difficult to know what type of neck we should use. We are going to highlight some very basic guidelines, but tremendously useful. If you wear a tie because you wear a suit or dress jacket, the collar should be Italian or semi-Italian. If on the contrary, you wear casual or sport you must wear button-neck or button-down shirt, the latest trend, Mao collar.

The shirt and collar must be in keeping with the jacket and tie (Twins Tie is best in this aspect). The stretch between the tips of the neck should be in harmony with the knot of the tie.