Shoes and which ones you need in 2018.


A girl can never have enough shoes to make her happy. Shoes and happiness are directly proportional to one another. Don’t you think? Of course, you do. Every girl in the world that is awake right now feels that and when this half goes to sleep, and the other half wakes up, they too have the same strong feelings about shoes. If money hadn’t been a constraint, no woman would be ever holding her back from getting every pair in the world. Whoever it is that said diamonds are a girl’s best friend couldn’t be more wrong. It is(has to be) shoes.

Allow this article to help you choose shoes that you need to rock the world in 2018. Are you ready to get started? Then follow this article all the way through.

Coloured Flats.

The combination of ballet with new bright colours is what you want in your collection. Not only are the comfy but the kind of style and chic look that they add to your outfit is hard to miss out on. Gone are those days when every pair of shoes you owned was in neutral or black colour. Now, is the time to spice things up a little. Choose prints. Leopard prints, in particular, add a great look to any outfit. You can even choose bright and exciting colours. Go for red or fluorescent.

Heels in a neutral shade.

Heels come in a variety of designs, colours and material. It is an overwhelming job to choose one from millions of surprising choices. So, what is it that you should do? You should go with an option that is safe and easy. Be it a date night or an important meeting; you can quickly wear this shade. Choose pumps. They look great and save the trouble of picking the right pair of shoes everytime you head out. You need a couple of pumps that match your skin tone. This gives your legs a beautiful and chic look. Not to forget the elongated touch to your feet that you want.

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Sexy they are, don’t you think? Be it knee-high boots or the ankle length ones. The touch of leather and the look they add to your attire is to die for. Choose a pair of sleek ankle length boots in black. It will be better if there is a little heel present. This looks great with shorts, maxi dresses, jeans and even skirts. Start walking in style with a pair of boots.


No, we are not repeating ourselves. We just mentioned heels, and we are here to do it again. Call it a necessity or a basic need. Heels are what you need to rock your life. The perfect way to have a pair of heels in your wardrobe is the classic three inches, sleek stilettos. You want to look dominant, these are the shoes you put on. What we forgot to mention is the colour of the stilettos. Choose black. It is a one-time investment that will last you for ages.


These are the shoes that you would like to wear on those hot summer days. With style, you would be heading out even in the scorching heat. Bring out these pairs as soon as the summer season starts. Be it a day at the beach or you have plans to meet your girlfriends for brunch. Put on your sandals and march out of your home. Choosing a pair that accentuates with your summer dress or shorts will be a good choice. If you are not sure, pick sandals in a neutral shade. The chances of ruining your look will be zero.

Platform Heels.

What about those days when you don’t want to put the same old pointed stilettos? Pick the trending heels that have a wooden platform. Perfect for a daytime look.

The love a girl needs is provided by the beautiful, desirable and sexy shoes in the world. It is time you walk in style with the ultimate pair of shoes in your collection this year. Get ready and start rolling.