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Sion View Bromo


Sion View Bromo Hotel becomes the Indonesian tourist destination when they’re going to travel in Bromo. Therefore, for them who want to go at Mount Bromo East Java, don’t worry in selecting a place to stay. This resort is among the resorts in the tourist region of Bromo. The resort has amenities and many characteristics that you may appreciate either alone, with family, buddies or business customers without disappointment. The beauty of Bromo Mountain is undoubtedly. The pure beauty and magnificent natural sites are served. Location of resort Sion View Bromo. Sion View Bromo Hotel has a location.

It is since the resort is located only two km from the tourist region of Mount Bromo and 100 meters from SM Bromo Hotel. This resort is located in Jalan Raya Bromo, Wonokerto village, Ngadisari, District Sukapura. By remaining in this hotel, the tourist will be treated with the best views of nature Mount Bromo that unhindered. Additionally, the resort is deliberately designed with minimalist and traditional cultural which are pronounced. It matches better with the wonderful atmosphere of Mount Bromo nature.

Facilities which are provided in this resort are incredibly diverse and unique. The resort offers a broad range of resort space options include room, family room, superior king room, suites space, triple room that is superior and room. A few of the hotel rooms were accessible with warm water to gratify the consumer in the restroom. Every room in the hotel is completed with mineral water, TV, refrigerator, plus a private bathroom. Additionally, the resort also has a restaurant that serves an assortment of menus with fantastic taste that may be enjoyed. The parking area in the resort is safe and convenient to use by the visitors. And for more particular feature, this resort is serving the consumer with the excellent service for twenty four hours with such facilities that cannot be obtained from the other location.

Aside from the location that’s tactical to Mount Bromo along with the complete amenities, this resort is a high advocated to the tourists since this resort is also close to the other destinations. Another natural tourist natural destination is Bentar beach. This beautiful beach is only located about 12 km from this resort. More than this, Lake Ronggojalu is near. It’s approximately 15.6 kilometers. In addition to, GiliKetapang is in a nutshell distance. It’s only around 16.4 km. And the tourist only wants to travel by automobile from Sion See Bromo Hotel about 19 km to the Pekalen River with the best excellent scenery.

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