Things You Should Consider When Buying A Wig



A wig can be the fashion accessory that you are missing. Experiment with your ‘look’ and choose the indicated one, based on these keys.

Lose your fear of wigs

Whether you are looking for one that simulates your natural hair, to feel complete and fresh or one that will radically change your ‘look’ in two by three, keep these keys in mind. Discover which one to choose and get the hair you always dreamed of. 

Which to choose?

The wigs can be made of real or synthetic hair. The last option is usually cheaper. However, when buying synthetic hair, consider these three factors:


  • #1: Cut and style


The secret of a good wig, apart from the manufacture and quality of the hair, is that it has a good cut. Therefore, remember that a stylist can make an economic option look realistic and natural. If you want to imitate a certain style, do not hesitate to take pictures.  


  • #2: Color


The biggest mistake that people usually make when buying wigs is to see the color with indoor light. And it is very important that the tone pleases you because synthetic hair cannot be dyed! Therefore, ask to leave the store with a mirror, to see you under natural light. Yes, if your wig is real hair, you can dye it and make reflections, provided it is in good condition. 


  • #3: Comfort


It’s basic. You would not want to invest in a fabulous wig; then you cannot use it because it gives you a lot of heat. A ‘tip’: look for one with a thin base. Lift it up and look at it in the light: if you can see through it, then your scalp can also breathe through it. 

Real hair

According to experts, most women who choose a natural hair wig, do so because they want to achieve a look similar to yours. If this is your goal, your recommendation is to find one whose base is safe and comfortable, that is the right size of your head. 

There are many types of bases: monofilaments, which have excellent ventilation; hand-tied, which simulate the natural movement of hair; with silicone, which will help the wig to stay firm, among others. Try different models to find out which one is most practical for you. You can check some stores like RL Moda to make a perfect choice.